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Spoken Word: The Hip-Hop Edition

Spoken Word: The Hip-Hop Edition.


Today I had my first hotel review published on Lifestyle for London. Recently my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to be invited to stay at The Seraphine Hotel in Kensington. It was a great opportunity for me to view the experience from a critical perspective. This was a first as though I have reviewed films and music before, I’d never done so for a hotel.

We enjoyed a (large) glass of wine on arrival having battled through the traffic of South London to get there. It was a Friday evening and even though we didn’t set out until after 7.30, driving was not the best option! We went for a late dinner at Giraffe (anyone from Kensington will know that we didn’t venture far), which has a great menu fusing several different cuisines.

The overall stay was great, Kensington is one of my favourite parts of London, there’s so much to do, and I’d definitely stay at the Seraphine again. To check out the full review please click on the following link:¬†